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High-end turn key metrology service/systems packages for bike R&D

High-end turn key metrology service/systems packages for bike R&D

GS4RS|2W is an integrated multipurpose service platform for thermal, strain, shape variation and vibrational real time dynamic monitoring of motorcycle components, during in-door tests and in operative conditions.


  • Real time 3D Shape Sensing monitoring of motorcycle components in operative conditions.
  • Frame structural and vibrational monitoring
  • Aerodynamic pressure monitoring on motorcycle body elements.
  • On-circuit 3D dynamic driver posture monitoring for cinematic and structural correlation applications.
  • Swing arm vibrational and structural dynamic monitoring with bonded/embedded multiplexed fiber optics sensors.
  • front damper fork vibrational and structural monitoring brakes caliper thermal monitoring.
  • Supply of GS4R multichannel FBG sensing control units expressly designed to be used on board of motorcycle , equipped with time trigger units and direct interfaces with CanBUS DAQ units.


  • 3D optical scanning and surface Class A and Class B reconstruction services.
  • Fast 3D Scanning of the driver for CFD simulations and Wind Tunnel applications
  • 3D Optical Inspection and Certified Reporting on moulds and moulded parts.