Sailing Yachts

Always at sea.

Measuring with light for design, performance and safety improving.

Thanks to the big advantages of FBG fiber optics and customized sensors that can be installed embedded or bonded on structural elements of the yacht, including all the parts that are in direct contact with water or submerged, it is possible to perform structural, vibrational an 3D shape monitoring of :

  • hull and rudders

  • foilers and daggerboards

  • keel structure

  • mast, spreaders, backstay and forestay

  • canting keel mechanism housing

    The embedding of the FBG sensors arrays inside sails materials, allows to perform a real time 3D shape monitoring, one of the most advanced interactive method for sail trimming.

    3D optical scanning services on large surfaces, like hulls and deck structures, for quick and accurate surface reconstruction; physical-to-digital moulds reverse engineering for re-design operations.